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Interface UIButtonDef

This creates button control.



[key: string]: any

This creates button control.



Optional afterInit

Optional attr

attr: IDictionary<string>

Object defining html attributes for controls root element.

Optional borderless

borderless: undefined | false | true

Optional buttonSize

buttonSize: undefined | string

Optional buttonStyle

buttonStyle: undefined | string

Buttons visual style. ('success', 'info', 'danger', 'warning', 'primary', 'default' or 'link') (default: 'default')

Optional buttonType

buttonType: "button" | "submit"

Button type ('button' or 'submit'). (default: button)

Optional click

Callback that will be called when control is clicked.

Optional css

css: JQueryCssProperties

Object defining css styles for controls root element.

Optional enabled

enabled: undefined | false | true

If true control will be enabled if false control will be disabled (inactive).

Optional fixedWidth

fixedWidth: undefined | number

Optional icon

icon: undefined | string

Buttons icon (css style class, use bootstraps 'glyphicon glyphicon-', or FontAwesome 'fa fa-' classes).

Optional id

id: undefined | string

Reference id of the control, it will be used to reference this control in the code throuth FieldsIndex objects.

Optional ignore

ignore: undefined | false | true

If true this control definition will be ignored and control will not be initiated.

Optional init

Callback that will be called when control is initialised.

Optional menu

Optional menuUp

menuUp: UIButtonMenuDef[]

Optional menuWidth

menuWidth: undefined | number

Optional on

Optional styleClass

styleClass: undefined | string

Style class to add on root element of the control.

Optional text

text: undefined | string

Buttons display text.


type: "Button" | object

Optional value

value: undefined | string

Optional visible

visible: undefined | false | true

Set initial visibility of control. (default: true)