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Interface TreeDef<T, T>

Type parameters



[key: string]: any



Optional add

add: AddFunc<T>

Optional afterInit

Optional attr

attr: IDictionary<string>

Object defining html attributes for controls root element.

Optional children

children: T[]

Child control list for this control.

Optional click

Callback that will be called when control is clicked.

Optional css

css: JQueryCssProperties

Object defining css styles for controls root element.

Optional enabled

enabled: undefined | false | true

If true control will be enabled if false control will be disabled (inactive).

Optional fixedWidth

fixedWidth: undefined | number

Optional fluid

fluid: undefined | false | true

Optional id

id: undefined | string

Reference id of the control, it will be used to reference this control in the code throuth FieldsIndex objects.

Optional ignore

ignore: undefined | false | true

If true this control definition will be ignored and control will not be initiated.

Optional init

Callback that will be called when control is initialised.

Optional itemType

itemType: ItemType<T>

Optional listHeight

listHeight: undefined | number

Optional on

Optional rowStyleClass

rowStyleClass: string[]

Set CSS class to use for every row of this layout.

Optional select

select: SelectFunc<T>

Optional spacing

spacing: undefined | number

Spacing in pixels between controls in the layout. (default: 0)

Optional styleClass

styleClass: undefined | string

Style class to add on root element of the control.


type: "VerticalLayout" | object

Optional visible

visible: undefined | false | true

Set initial visibility of control. (default: true)