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Interface ElementDataDef

This is plugin data object, it contains data about your plugin element.


  • ElementDataDef



Optional class

class: undefined | string


content: IDictionary<any>

Custon object that will contain all plugin element specific options. This is where you store data (as object properties) about your plugin. Data should consist only of scalar values and plain objects.

Optional height

height: undefined | number

Element height in pixels. (read-only)

Optional id

id: undefined | string

Unique id of the element. (read-only)

Optional includePages

includePages: number[]

Optional isCommon

isCommon: undefined | false | true

Optional isFullWidth

isFullWidth: undefined | false | true

Optional isLocked

isLocked: undefined | false | true

Optional mode

mode: undefined | string

Optional modes

modes: IDictionary<ModeDef>

Optional parentId

parentId: undefined | string

Optional width

width: undefined | number

Element width in pixels. (read-only)

Optional x

x: undefined | number

Element X position in pixels. (read-only)

Optional y

y: undefined | number

Element Y position in pixels. (read-only)

Optional zIndex

zIndex: undefined | number

Element Z index. (read-only)